The most unlucky man is history

I share this story of my friend who is currently in the playoff race. 4 teams get in and hes the 5th spot. He needs a win this week and the 4th guy to lose to the 2nd seed. He has a very possible chance of getting in but heres where the unluckiness kicks in. 2 weeks ago he traded barkley for conner and AJ green to help get some good players on his team to improve his chances, but then it took a turn for the worse. conner goes down for a week, earlier in the day we loses AJ. After last weeks loss he is looking not so great but still has a chance, come Wednesday he loses E sanders, then he loses Karion johnson, then he loses Desean jackson, and he also lost his kicker Gano this week too. And to cap it all off Tuesday he tore his acl, mcl, and his meniscus. this man literally got the injury bug


Follow up he just lost Jordan reed and he is playing Ingram lmao