The Path to a WR1 Fantasy Season: Allen Robinson

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Editor’s Note – Check out The Path to a WR1 Fantasy Season: Series Guide to see how our writers compile their projections and the methodology behind this series. When scouring the middle rounds for a potential WR1, there are often a few key ingredients to look for. Is there a guy coming off an injury…

I was very high on Robinson coming out of the draft and I picked him up in my dynasty league and kept him on the bench most of his rookie season. Had a couple of injuries the following year and was forced to start him. He did disappoint and I ended up winning the league championship that year. He was a good number 3 receiver for me the following year and at the beginning of our 2017 off season I got offered Chris Hogan and a 2nd rounder for him and jumped. Can’t tell you why, I get feelings about players sometimes and something didn’t feel right. Low and behold he gets injured and is out for the season. Worked in my favor.

I think Robinson is going to have a bounce back year, the dude can be a game changer. He’s already shown what he can do with a mediocre QB, I think Trubisky is already an upgrade over what Robinson previously had.

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