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The "Philly Voice" says the Giants are gonna be bad this season


Clearly coming from an unbiased news source:
“10 Reasons the Giants Will Be a Dumpster Fire in 2017.”


Some good points in there. The community as a whole has been so pumped on the wr core which on paper is good we may have ignored a lot of the core issues the team had last year.


As a Giants fan, I am scared Eli has seen his best days and the team will fail to meet expectations. That being said, my expectations for the Giants have always been a 9-7 finish. Some years that’s good enough to make the playoffs and walk away with a ring! Even with all the new additions, I’m hesitant to buy into all the hype. The only players on the Giants I’d take at their current ADP are OBJ and Perkins. Possibly Eli if he’s free, or I’m in a 2QB league.


While there are some good points that were made many of the reasons given were opinion. I personally think that the Giants are the second best team in the division and could be the best if things break right for them.


I am curious to see how Davis Webb does in the pre season though. I wonder if he’s going to be the future of this team. I’m still shocked that they took Evan Ingram over David Njoku. I just hope they use him the right way and for the love of god, enough of the 3 headed monster backfield. Give the job to Perkins and let him run with it and see what they really have with him. I see that they are saying he will be the 3 down workhorse but I’ll believe it when I see it.