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The problem with player conduct


I know quite a few people like me have felt the mix of excitement and dread when drafting certain players in the past. Excitement because players like Ezekiel Elliott in today’s game and Roethlisberger and Ray Rice from the days of old can easily be your star of the week, if not the year: dread because you can’t condone the player’s off-the-field activity. I can put up with minor drug charges (let Beast Mode smoke pot), but DUI’s and especially domestic abuse are part of a toxic environment that the NFL has allowed to fester for too long.

How do you handle the split between wanting to pick/root for the best players for your team and avoiding players with gross morals?

Has anyone tried setting up a league where players become unavailable if they have a history of violence?


I agree with you on the moral standpoints. Generally I try to stay away from these players because it means they miss games. By not drafting X player for moral reasons the only the thing it affects is your fantasy team and league. Ultimately we the fans have no control over the players or the NFL. It changes nothing for the player or their standing in the NFL. If we really wanted to root out this behavior the fans need to push the NFL for zero tolerance policies. It’s the only way to completely disassociate a player from the league. Because remember all news negative or positive is advertising for the player and NFL, and money talks.