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The Quandary Michael Thomas


I can’t figure out how I feel about this man. I’ve seen people try and argue that he should be a guy taken at the 1-2 turn, and I’ve also heard people say that he is a guy that could definitely disappoint people this year. What are your thoughts? Personally, I’m lying somewhere in the middle. Not buying the early round hype, but also think he could be a solid addition to your team as a WR2


Grab Willie Snead in the 7th… 8th and you may get the same production at a much lower draft capital cost. … my 2 cents


I agree that Snead could have a solid year, but I think Thomas has a higher ceiling and floor.


Thomas is a monster. He will be a top 10 wr at least until brees retires. Can’t go wrong worth Snead , but he’s nowhere near Thomas. Everyone saying he’ll disappoint this year is way over thinking things. He’s the most gifted receiver brees has ever had… so I’m also predicting a rise in targets from him, regardless of how people try and say the saints never really feature any wr. In my opinion, there’s zero chance of regression barring injury… and a realistic possibility of taking a step forward. And I think he has a perfect supporting cast to take away too much defensive attention. Snead is a great wr2. Ginn is the perfect deep threat. Great running game. And a tight end who is good enough to demand attention as well. Michael Thomas will finish top 3 this year regardless of format!


Whoa. Top three? That’s pretty hot


He’s gonna be a stud. Drew brees is throwing for 5k yards. So predicting 1200 yards or so for Thomas isn’t a stretch. Also, brees loves to throw in the red zone and Thomas is by far the best weapon he has.