The "Rate My Team" sites hate my draft, is it that bad?

I’ve run it through some Rate My Draft type sites and it is pretty unanimously disliked, but I think it’s decent. What do you think? I know I’m weak at TE, but other than that I feel pretty good.

10 team, .5 PPR, picked from the 10 spot

QB Carson Wentz

RB Dalvin Cook
RB Devonta Freeman
RB Lamar Miller
RB Latavius Murray
RB Kalen Ballage

WR Michael Thomas
WR TY Hilton
WR Kenny Golladay
WR Josh Gordon
WR Chris Godwin
WR Curtis Samuel

TE Jordan Reed
TE Mark Andrews

D/ST Houston

K Gostkowski

Who were your first two picks?

Thomas and Cook

The first 9 picks went basically as expected (7 RBs plus Hopkins and Adams). I like Thomas better than OBJ or Julio, so I drafted him. I’m a big Cook fan and I knew he wouldn’t be there at the end of the 3rd for my next pick (my league is based in MN), so I pulled the trigger on him a little earlier than ADP.

It’s not the worst! I like Wentz at QB … I’m guessing your first 2 picks were Thomas and Cook am I right . Your TEs are lacking quite a bit id try to upgrade there

TY Hilton and Kenny GOlladay is super risky to me. If Luck plays TY is a good pick but if Luck misses time I dont think TY can produce.

Those websites are off I think is a pretty solid team

your team is amazing man don’t sweat it

Not bad at all honestly. A few risks but if they pay off your team is a legitimate playoff team

In a 10 team you want studs. I don’t see many studs. I think if it was a 12 or more team league, I would like your team better. What are you starting requirements? I think you are a middle of the pack type team. If some of your hype guys hit could really help and boost you. At the end of the day it only matters how you feel about your team. No one really knows how any of this will play out.

Decent depth. Some questions but some times it be like that. Two years ago I drafted DJ #2, got Hunt in the 5th, still won my league. Last year I drafted Bell. Picked up Mahomes, Conner, and Lindsey in FA and won my league. Put in the work and stay active.