The RB Craze: Zig when they Zag, or Go with the Grain?

The running back craze this year seems to be on a whole different level. Going WR in the first round can cost you three tiers of RBs, especially if you have a late second round pick. I’m wondering if it’s worth going RB in the first round like everyone seems to be doing just to be sure to get at least a tier two RB, but then going WR in the second round.

Recently I have been doing RB, RB and my drafts turn out pretty good! I end up with receivers like Tate, Robinson, MJJ, Cooks, Watkins, and other high upside players, and running backs like M. Gordon and J. McKinnon or better (12-Player, Full-PPR). As the regular season draws closer I have been feeling less and less secure with those “upside” WRs that are maybe the first but possibly the second target option.

I’m curious as to what the Footclan is doing and how to handle this RB craze.

It all depends on league size and draft position I guess. I’m drafting 5th in a 10 team, PPR redraft. I lean more towards the conservative RB-WR approach anyways, but I’m for sure setting my sights on a RB for round 1 and hopefully getting a top quality WR in round 2.

In fact I’m so gung ho with locking up a top tier RB early that I’m almost completely ignoring the fact that Antonio Brown is projecting 5th (my pick) in a lot of ADPs. Any other year I’d call myself a complete fool for not even considering Brown (and maybe I still am).

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I wouldn’t call you a fool! If you take Antonio Brown there’s every chance that you lose the entire top 10 RBs and you are left with only RB2’s to pick from. However if you take RBs on your first and second picks and you end up with someone like Demarco Murray from last year, or a Dalvin Cook… it is feeling way too risky to go double RB… but it also feels like it’s necessary…

Ironic, because any other year I’d salivate over Brown’s production, and dream about what he could do for my team, and this year I have a very good shot of having him and may end up passing!

But in my league it’s nigh impossible to succeed without at least 1 stud RB.

I just can’t be burned again by a low end WR1 edge WR2. I had Murray, Dalvin Cook, Mike Evans and Zach Ertz as my earliest picks. Followed it up with Amari Cooper, Martavis Bryant, Sammy Watkins Marshawn Lynch… Long story short I effectively played the entire fantasy season as if I hadn’t drafted until the 3rd round. Both those RBs went down in some fashion and all those high upside WRs I got tanked and my reliable WR in Evans also tanked. I’m beginning to feel like it is far more worth while to get a stud at both positions rather than two of the same position. If your stud RB goes down hopefully you locked up with handcuff. I guess I may have a little PTSD from last season