The Real Baker-Mania! What if CLE just gets WILD!?

Okay, hear me out completely before you write me off as some lunatic, but it isn’t over for the Browns nor Baker, and I honestly think this week could be the start of the real Baker-Mania. Let’s start by looking at the AFC North and extra pieces:
Steelers (7-2-1)
Ravens (5-5)
Bengals (5-5)
Browns (3-6-1)
also consider…
Colts (5-5)
Chargers (7-3)
Texans (7-3)

Now, let’s play the “what if” game… let’s say the Steelers clinch the North, the Patriots clinch the East, and the Chiefs clinch the West, just for the sake of conversation. That leaves the AFC South where the Texans currently lead but the Colts are on a win streak. Currently, the 5th and 6th seeds are projected to be the Chargers and the Ravens (respectively) with the Texans getting the 4th seed. I’m not going to attempt to speculate on who is getting the first round BYE, it’s not important yet…

The Bengals must play the Browns twice still this season, and the Ravens will play the Browns once more. The most important Matchups they’ll have are those two Bengals games, that one Ravens game, and the Texans game.

The Bengals and the Ravens both will play the Chargers (currently projected 5th seed). The Texans must play the Colts (who are on a roll).

If the Browns win out, and most importantly win their divisional matchups, they’d be 9-6-1.
Based on the schedule for the Ravens, if you give them the Win over OAK, TB, and LAC (keep this in mind) and they take an L to everyone else they’d be 8-8 (really depends who the starting QB is for the rest of the season).
Considering the Bengals remaining schedule, if you give them a win over OAK, and LAC (you see where this is going yet?) they’d end up with a 7-9 record.
If the Chargers take those two L’s, and two more (one from Steelers the other from Chiefs) but they win the rest, they’ll be 9-7.
If the Texans take an L to Browns but beat the Colts and the rest, they’re 12-4.
The Colts are on one and if we follow this narrative they may only lose two of their remaining six which makes them 9-7.

What I’m trying to say is the Browns actually have a shot at both Wildcard spots in the AFC!
Browns win out they’re (9-6-1)
Colts (9-7)
Chargers (9-7)
Ravens (8-8)
Bengals (7-9)

The Browns are coming off of a win against the Falcons, and coming off of a BYE week, all after they rid themselves of what we’ll affectionately call, burdens (sorry not sorry, Haley and Hue). Baker had an incredible game, granted against a weaker defense, but nonetheless impressive. Divisional games can get crazy and the only non-AFC team the Browns face for the rest of the season is the Panthers. Chubb and Duke as a combo has been electric and the only good rush defenses I see remaining for the Browns to face are Texans, and Ravens, sorry Panthers fans. Also just as a disclaimer, I didn’t look at any tiebreaker situations I’m just going on who has the better win percentage at the end.

Based on the evidence brought before you all, Footclan, I propose that Baker Mayfield, and Nick Chubb may be fantasy league winning players. Though unlikely, if the Browns came out firing on all cylinders it could be a wild end to the season.

Baker Mayfield is less than 40% owned in ESPN leagues. Over the past three games Baker has put up a higher overall point total than Rivers, Cousins, Stafford, Wentz, Dak, and Brady. Baker has committed less turnovers in his past three outings than Big Ben, Rivers, Matt Ryan, Cousins, Stafford and Wentz in each of their past three outings.


Shameful bump… I just felt like I was seeing a fair amount of start/sit decisions with Browns players and I wanted to fire some folks up. Not my best writing but I aim to improve everyday!

Damn dude, you just made me a Browns fan.
Mainly because I have Chubb on 2 leagues and Landry in one of them.
From what you’re saying it seems like they have a lot to play for still.
You didn’t mention their pass rush is really good and could really help them win these games.

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Wow you’re totally right I neglected the whole reason for why they gave the Saints trouble in the beginning of the season and why they thrashed the Falcons. Thank you!!! I’m a Steelers fan and I’m rooting for the Browns really hard because I hope they get the wildcard spot to play the Patriots, based on current projections that is!

I just wanted to give this post a Bump and say that since week 9 the Browns lead in offensive yards per play and have converted on 14 of 14 red zone attempts (per Rich Hribar on Twitter)