The Shutdown

Cam shut down. Jameis on the bench. Foles is the highest projected but I have the Texan’s D and don’t have much confidence in Foles pulling a big game against them. I’m leaning toward Lamar Jackson but need some input on the decision.
Standard scoring with bonus points for 40+ and 50+ yard TDs.
Opponent has:
David Johnson
Marlon Mack
Amari Cooper

Tough situation for you man. But at least Odell probably won’t play and David Johnson will probably not have a great day. Your qb situation isn’t great, but I’d probably have to say Lamar Jackson and lean on his running ability. Winston has a difficult matchup because it’s in Dallas and I don’t trust Foles. Good luck!

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Appreciate the well wishes lmao I’m going to need all the luck I can get. I just need ONE day where Melvin Gordon, Hopkins, and Thielen can put up the numbers they were consistently putting up earlier this season and hoping Ertz can put the stamp on it fingers crossed

I agree with starting Jackson. Along with the players you named you’re going to lock in a championship!

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I hope you’re right brotha! Opponent has been the most loyal to my leagues for the last 4 years and we’ve been waiting that long to meet for the chip so it’ll be a good one