The sleeper of the year is a kicker

No this isn’t a joke. Daniel Carson will win you your leauge. He was absolutely dominate in college, taking the record for most points scored in the SEC. He has never missed an extra point in his college or preseason and had a conversion rate of 74.2% on all his field goal attempts in his senior year on 31 attempts. Which was his lowest converaion rate of his 4 years at auburn. And his attempts shouldn’t see much of a decrease in his production at Minnesota which saw an average of 2.3 field goal attempts per game and should see an increase in extra point attempts with Dalvin Cook healthy, Latavious Murray looking great, Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are both elite talents at wide out, Kyle Rudolph should be a readzone monster, and with Kirk Cousins at the helm there will be plenty of extra point opportunities. On top of that they should nearly always be in field goal range with Carlson already having completed a 57 yarder in preseason and having a perfect game in 3/4 preseason games. Daniel “Leg-atron” Carlson is undrafted in most leagues so he should be on your wavier wire for the most underrated steals of the year. This Rookie Kicker has won the starting job in Minnesota and will win you your leauge. If you have a dynasty leauge that still has kickers he is a must own.

Words can’t express so: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Kickers don’t win leagues bro.

Extra points are not nearly as important to a kicker’s success in fantasy, field goals are. If an offense has the studs you just mentioned there’s even less of a chance a kicker will be utilized for field goals. Let’s say Minny scores 42 points average a game, that only translates to 6 points per game for the kicker. This would put him at the bottom of the barrel.

A team like the Jaguars, which wouldn’t be considered a powerhouse offense other than Fournette’s capabilities might even be a better team to choose a kicker from due to success in moving the ball between the 20’s, thus making the percentage of field goals higher. You add in that defense stopping the other offense, field goals could possibly become even more important to winning games.

I can see your point, but to look at last year the Ram’s kicker Greg Zuerlein lead the leauge in fantasy kickers and no one would argue that the rams were a bad team last year. Even great teams don’t make the full strech of the field. He finished with an end of season rank as the 39th player in .5 ppr in fantasy pointa topping players like Howard, Hyde, Feeman’ Tate, Diggs, Evans, Jeffery, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, Gronk, Kelce and ertz. It realied on his long field goals which Carlson has a history and potential to follow suit. If Ertz won people leauges last year Carlson has the potential to win people leauges this year.

I want to grab Carlson for two reasons: first, he’s a good kicker and pretty much unranked; second, my brother-in-law was his Sunday School teacher when Carlson was a kid.

I think it was David Akers who scored almost twice as much as any other kicker one year. I haven’t found the stats I’m looking for, but I think he had around 250 points one year. If you could predict that, it would be worth taking a kicker a few rounds earlier. But even the best kickers are up and down because of the offenses they have to depend on for their opportunities.

That’s awesome about your brother in-law and I 100% agree, but the best thing about Carlson is you can pick 12th in a 12 man league and pick up a player that can out produce your third round pick.