The small % who played yesterday

Both of my leagues are the small % who does week 17. I think it should change. But my $100 league I’m Victorious #footclan-community. My $50 league I lost by 12. I had Lamar Jackson and I played Miles Sanders. Unfortunate events but at least I’m a champ in one! Thank the Lord! I’m going to Disney World

Congrats! My league has been around 19 years and we play a week 17 Super Bowl. Here is why…free agent acquisitions are $5 up to week 10 then they are $10 thru week 14. All cash spent goes to the person who lost the Super Bowl, the victor gets the entry fee. Part of who we are is knowing that in week 17 some teams will be benching players so starting around week 12 we start looking for players that will be on teams fighting for a playoff spot or homefield advantage. This boosts the pot for the 2nd place winner, but here is the kicker…we always see a split between the two owners in the Super Bowl. Financially its the smartest move so the more the pot is for add/drops the better the split will be.

Now I understand some will say we should play for the grand prize and bragging rights but our entry fee is not cheap. So just to make the Super Bowl in my league is the deal. I know there will be haters out there but to have a 20% chance at collecting the cash prize is what brings everybody back to draft day and the feeling that it could be theirs. Things may change in the future but next year will be our 20th anniversary and honestly I dont think anybody will want to change the format on such a special year.

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I like the idea. Must work since it’s been around for so long. Thanks for idea I need to show this to the commissioner