The stakes are high!

I’m up by 1.1 points heading into MNF. I have Thielen, opponent has Rudolph. Send me your good vibes, I’m gonna need em.

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Not going to lie here. I think you might lose lol
Good luck though!

All the point to Theilen and none to Diggs.

I need 10 points, I have Thielen and he has no one. Let’s go!!!

I need 18 points, I only have Theilen, I’m not to excited…



I need 16 tonight and decided to go with Thielen. Other option was Cohen. Let us ride the Thielen train together to brighter pastures!

I’m down by 24 and have the Vikes D. I left the jags d on my bench and they scored 26… is it possible or am I even thinking it is as a way to get slim hopes crushed…