The Super Strange Draft - Opinion needed

Below is the list of keepers and where they are locked in for our draft. Im position 4 (Doug). I have kamara (2nd) and chubb (11th). Because we have so many keepers our first round picks are crazy. Wanted to gauge opinions on what my first round pick should be. Im leaning Tyreek Hill (player 2 is not taking hill) as my best bet because the value and the need for a WR. Thoughts footclan? Attached below is the list of available players for the first round or two.

Standard redraft keeper league
1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 flex, 1 k, 1 def

Dont ask me why team 2 is keeping a defense. lmaooooo

Hill or kelce are the choice for me both on that high powered offense if you want boom go hill if you want safer floors and minimize risk pick kelce

Real question why keep DJ at 1 when you have the first pick?


Thats a good point lol. He could have kept something else and got DJ. Good point on Hill and Kelce Thanks.

I think you go Hill !!

I’d go Tyreek. Plus in a 3 WR league I don’t think you could afford to hold of on drafting a WR until the third round (if you went RB or other position in the first).

I’m guessing keepers are locked in before knowing draft order. That’s what I do in my keeper league.