The Syndicate Draft - $5,000 League

So it has long been my contention that the entry fee of a league bears an inversely proportional relationship to the skill level of its owners…

May I present Exhibit A… the $5,000 Syndicate Draft which took place last night.

I think I have this set to start playing from close to the end, where you can see the full draft board for the first 8 rounds. The livestream is hosted by RTSports staff Jeff Paur and his son Henry.


Najee Harris at #4 overall. I like the guy, but over Henry, Kamara, and Jones??

Jonathan Taylor at #5 overall. I guess this guy hasn’t picked up a fantasy magazine since June.

Austin Ekeler at #7 overall, with Henry still on the board. It’s PPR scoring, ok, but c’mon man…

Gibson at #9 overall, with Jones still on the board.

Aaron Jones, the RB2 and RB5 the past two years in PPR scoring, goes at #11 overall.

I loved what Team #12 did at the turn with Hill and Barkley, and tacking on Lamb at the end of the 3rd was gravy. Add Woods there (or even Mahomes) instead of Evans, and I’m over the moon. But then he’s got to start thinking about a RB2, right? No… he… just… keeps… picking… other… positions. After 8 rounds, he has the best 5 WRs in the league–but he can only start 3 of them, and he won’t have an RB2 until at least the final pick of Round 9. The best thing for him probly would have been to take Mahomes, and then if Mostert would have fallen to the turn in Round 5, he could have done a Mostert/Sermon coup to give him Mahomes, Barkley/SFRB, Hill/Lamb/Sutton/Davis and maybe a TE like Higbee or Gesicki. So close, yet no cigar.

First time I’ve seen Kelce fall to the 2nd round in a 12 team draft, so nice job there.

I bet the guy with the #8 slot din’t think he would start the draft with Henry and Chubb. He continues to pick up the scraps with AJ Brown at 3.8 and Robert Woods at 4.5.

Javonte Williams in the 4th?

$5,000 is a lot to bet on a rookie TE in the 5th.

Higgins and Jeudy in the 6th both seemed a little premature–and Aiyuk lasts into the 7th.

Every team but two has a QB by the end of the 6th round, and the 11th goes at 7.3.

The first defense was drafted at 8.7.

Team 7, Cocktails and Dreams, is supposed to be some big respected FF “playa,” and he’s well-respected at RTSports, but I haven’t seen anything special from him. Here he’s the guy who passed on Henry for Ekeler at #7 overall, drafted a TE in the 3rd, and didn’t draft a WR until Round 5, selecting two of his top four WRs from the same team, including a rookie (who also happen to both be from the same team as his RB2). Meh.

So ok, you have disposable income… but you still can’t draft like the Elf.