The TE Wheel of Fortune

So I have Jordan Reed (now officially in for Kittle WITH Mullens in for QB) and Jonnu Smith (AJ Brown not called yet, but trending out). And I have Marquise Brown in my Flex.

I’m thinking of sitting Marquise to play both Reed and Jonnu. Is this smart, or recency bias after both had a monster game last week?

Go for it. I did it last week with Waller and Jonnu and it paid off. Without AJ Brown Jonnu is the go to.

With Jimmy G out, I dont trust Mullins for reliably feed Reed. All of Reed points came when Jimmy G was playing. I believe SF gameplan with be a heavy dose of running and dump-offs.

I would put Jonnu in the TE spot and keep Hollywood in the flex.

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Agree with @recespieces31

I put in Jonnu, left Reed on my bench . Definitely did not love Jonnu’s production, but real glad I didn’t double up. Rough week for Tight Ends. Especially in contrast to last week.

Now the tough call: I’m down 10 points I can play Marquise Brown or Mark Ingram in my flex. Full PPR. Thoughts?

Lamar is more likely to run, but KC Defense may be tougher against the pass than the run. :woman_shrugging: