The tilt is real! So many choices

The week 2 tilt hit my league hit pretty hard. McCoy, Henry, Funches and Fitzgerald just got dropped. I need RB depth, but I’m not sure who I should pick up considering their performances in the first couple of games. I also would have to drop someone.

My team is currently

Russell Wilson
Andrew Luck

E. Elliott
M. Gordon
R. Freeman
P. Lindsay
T. Coleman

K. Allen
A. Thielen
A. Robinson

You don’t have much I would drop…
Royce might be able to be dropped in a couple weeks if Lindsay takes over but I think it will always be a committee so I think he will always have some value.

If you really want to add one of these you would have to drop a QB.

But my advice to you would be maybe to package like royce and agholor and do a 2-1 trade and get a good player while also freeing up spots to add a player.

Fitz is my fav of the drops as yes his team is garbage but in the next 2 weeks they are starting rosen forsure and I think fitz has a great baseline.

Then Henry is next… But honestly I don’t like his schedule for a couple weeks and until mariota is back he doesnt have much value… But I like henry as a stash for late in the season.

Then funchess seems to be a good WR with olson out… But I’m prob the least excited about him.

Mccoy is the true boom or bust guy… He has the name and he has the chance at the lions share of the workload… But his team is hot trash… So if you want to just take a flyer that and want huge upside I think you could add him… But honestly he will prob just be a big bust all year and the game or two he does blow up he will be on your bench because you can’t trust starting him.

So saying all that… I wouldn’t drop anyone really from your team but I do like some names on waivers so maybe make a good 2-1 trade and then pick one of those guys up.

I’d maybe drop freeman for McCoy but that’s it. henry blows as soon as he has a good game i’m selling him as fast as i can. Fitz got hurt and won’t be worth anything until bradford is gone.

Thanks for the thoughts. I think I’ll sit tight for now. I’m gonna see if anyone makes it through waivers and maybe drop Luck if someone good is available