The trade that (maybe) saved my season

Severely underperforming team with a week 9 from hell. Goff, Kupp, Mixon, Gio all on BYE. Then Gaskins AND Kenny G get injured. So my starting line up was:

QB: CAM / Lock (superflex)
RB: Zeke / J. Wilkins
WR: D. Hop / M. Jones
TE: J. Smith


I gave: Zeke, Hopkins and Kupp
I got: J. Jacobs, AJ Brown and Will Fuller

IF… and it is a big IF, Cam Newton can get me 10 points tonight, (I went up against Kyler and Josh Allen) I will pull out the win.

My starting lineup ended up being:

QB: CAM and Lock
RB: J. Jacobs / G. Edwards
WR: AJ Brown / W. Fuller
TE: H. Hurst

It’s not the prettiest group of players, but hey, it might just work.

May the Fantasy Football Gods be in your favor tonight.