The Ultimate Draft Kit

Am I the only one who really hasn’t got much out of the UDK? It pretty much tells me what we all already know. Maybe it will be more useful during the season? Yes, I love having it all right there in my face and I am not hating on it. Just want to hear your thoughts.

At the moment, the only people getting real value out of it are in “heavy offseason” leagues – especially dynasty. Beyond that, there’s just not that much going on in the NFL for the UDK to have reached its True Value just yet.

I mean, it’s nice to look at my keeper options and see what the guys currently value (or undervalue Taylor Gabriel!) 90+ days out from the season, but as the preseason gets going, those opinions will change (sometimes drastically) and become much more informed – and with it, their insight will become much more valuable.

– For now, I’m assuming much of the rankings are valued by last seasons results + offseason moves… and that’s about it. But once we see what the 2017 [fill in team name] looks like, my trust in their rankings and tiers will go way up.

That’s when I start devouring their videos for individual players (because I don’t have the time or the brain space to inform myself as they do) and through that developing my personal draft rankings that I’ve come to rely on each year – which usually starts with their tiered rankings.

Make sense?


I got great value out of the videos for players as I went through my slow dynasty startup draft. When my pick would come round and I was between 2 or 3 players I would read their opinions on the players and watch the videos to help me decide.

As above for redraft leagues etc the real value of this will be as we enter August.


I think the reception perception section has great information you can’t get anywhere else. I find myself always consulting it while making trades in dynasty leagues. It’s a great way to gauge a receivers talent outside of a bad/mediocre situation.

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Maybe I am behind on information but looking at the reception perception it looks like the information is flawed. In the usage data section it references “targets” but I do not know where that info is coming from. The targets number is not the same as any reputable stat website whether you are looking at actual targets or total receptions. Maybe Harmon is just using the numbers that he saw and not what anyone else saw. Some clarity on these numbers or some reference points on some of those columns would be great.

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He only uses a sample of 8 games per player. I don’t know how he chooses which 8 games to watch, I think it’s random. That might explain why the target #'s don’t match stat websites.