The Ultimate Insult

We had a family league this year, including cousins, in-laws, kids, etc. It was probably my most fun league this year. But I “only” came in second place. Back on draft day, my sister-in-law couldn’t be on our video chat, so we discussed a plan for her draft. She had the #1 pick and wanted Saquon. We discussed a few options for her next 2-3 picks, but she left it up to me for the rest. She knew I would not intentionally give her a bad team. I did too good. The two of us played for the league title. She blew me out, starting 8/9 players that I drafted for her (Jets defense being the only exception). That doesn’t include T. Boyd, whom she had on the bench! In order, I drafted her; Barkley, Kelce, M. Ryan, A. Jones, Hilton, Golladay, Mack, Winston, Boyd, James White, and J. Landry (this is who she started in week 16 over Boyd). She has thanked me for giving the league to her!

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Thats pretty wild. Those all had some issues through the year but yeah basically all draft picks in the final is pretty rare