The value of Mock Drafts

I have been doing a number of mock drafts recently to prepare for my 12 team non-ppr league. I have been using my UDK, and I am noticing that some of the players I am taking are a bit lower on the ADP on that site, than what the FFballer guys rank them. For that reason, I am figuring out something; I am not trying to win a mock draft (I rarely get in the top half), I am trying to win my league. Because I do take a few guys higher than their ADP (Edelman and K. Johnson are two of the guys that I am frequently getting), I rarely place in the top half of the draft grades. Has anyone else noticed this?

Here is an example. It is the first time I drafted with 11 other people, not computers. As you can see, I drafted in the #3 position. I think it is a solid draft - what do you think?