The worst question

First of all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Hope everyone stayed safe.

This is the worst question I might possibly ask here:

Pick 2 of these not outstanding QBs for ROS:

Nick Mullens
Sam Darnold
Mitch Trubisky

Haha! I told you!
I’m trying to find possibly 2 more QBs for my superflex team. I only have Russell Wilson. I was thinking of Mullens and Trubisky(could still be benched- I know- same goes to the other ones) because they have decent schedules in playoffs.

What say you?

You have my condolences. I’ll risk it with Trubisky and hope he has a rushing floor that makes him not a total week killer. I’ll also go Mullens as I think Darnold misses

Oh yeah! My season is crushed.
I grabbed Trubisky for that reason.
We’ll see how it goes!