The Worst Semi-Final bound team of all time

I’m in a dynasty league, knew early on that my team wasn’t going to be good enough, so moved my top players for draft picks. Thielen, Chubb, Kupp all gone. 3 first round picks, 2 2nds, 2 3rds, 3 6ths in my pocket for next season.

Win four straight games, make the playoffs as the 6 seed. Win last weekend to advance to the semis.

Karma has finally caught up with me. My team last week was:
QB Fitzpatrick
RB Guice
RB Penny
WR Woods
WR Ridley
FLEX Marvin Jones
TE Waller
K Butker
D Cowboys

Now I get to replace 4 starters for a team with no depth because I traded it all away. Plus replace the Cowboys because I realistically can’t play them against the Rams.

If this team makes the finals, I’ll have lost all faith in there being any skill or fairness in fantasy sports. :rofl::rofl::joy:

Congratulations! I know this was more of a rant post, I would say Fitz was a skill-based add. He was not an obvious get (unless you were reading my posts five weeks ago :grin:). Despite his dud week last week and concerns if Parker doesn’t come back, I think he’ll still be a solid play RoS (my QB model has him projected to be the QB5 and QB6 next two weeks).

Some of your other adds after trading away your assets were also good (Penny, Guice), they just didn’t work out due to injury. Good luck!

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Yea Fitz was just added last week because Allen isn’t really startable given matchups, and I didn’t like how Darnold looked as my previous streaming option.

Hopefully can snag Washington/Peterson on waivers this week, swap in AJ Brown and Deebo at receiver, and hope for the best.

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