The worst thing about being the commish is

… getting your league mates to pay. No one wants to be a bill collector to the friends of folks they’ve known for years, but I refuse to pay out the winners until the losers have paid their balance due. :rage:

I know the simple answer is to get folks to pay at the start of the season, but we have a 20+ year history and very few folks want to pay in July when they’re optimistic they’ll come out ahead by the end of the season.

I know there’s no great answer but I thought I’d leave this here with other folks that share my pain.

Thank you for listening! :sunglasses:

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I am commissioner and I make owner’s pay before the draft to avoid chasing at the end of the season. However, my bug-a-boo is one particular owner who is TERRIBLE at paying me and I have to nag basically until the end of the season to pay, but we’re all buddies from way, way back so I know he’ll pay me otherwise I’d kick his butt out of the league. I’ve sure gotten frustrated enough to do it, but I always cool off.

This is definitely the worst part about being commissioner.

A close second is having to make tough decisions that you know are going to be split decisions amongst league members. I’ll give you an example.

This year heading into the draft, which we always do an offline draft by Skype for those that aren’t where we are doing the live draft as we have league members across the country now. So I run a google spreadsheet as our online draft board that everyone can see in real time and we Skype call.

I mention this, because it isn’t so simple to just “auto draft” by this method.

About 2-hours before draft time I get a text from a league member that he isn’t going to be able to make the draft this year. Mind you we do our draft every year for like 15 years on the same damn weekend, every, g-d- year. AND I send out google invites with the date and time with multiple notification reminders to make sure no putz forgets!!! With this information he also tells me that he is going to have another league member, a good friend of all of ours for a long time, draft his team.

My commissioner radar immediately went up and I said that wasn’t acceptable to have another league member draft his team. He persisted that the other owner would do a fine job for him and while I don’t believe that the other owner would actually try and manipulate his draft to hurt our buddy who was missing the draft you also can’t avoid subconscious decisions like lets say avoiding drafting that Packers WR who you really want for the guy who is missing the draft and maybe drafting that Seahawks WR instead who you think is basically the same caliber.

There were definitely split opinions on this and I was going to bring it to a league vote beforehand, but he was able to get another guy outside the league to fill in for him instead for the draft. I am confident the league vote would have supported my decision, especially after talking with many owners about it, but this is the type of scenario that pops up and of course with little to no time to spare and you have to be able to think quickly to make the right decision.

Rant over!

-The Commish

I dont let anyone run their team unless they have paid. If they refuse to pay in a timely manner i find new owners.