The worth of Alex Collins

Open question

If you were trying to get rid of Alex Collins, what would be his worth? or adding Enunwa/Godwin what would you try to package so that you could get a WR?

Creativity and insight greatly appreciated!!


I have him in two leagues and I also have enunwa in those leagues I have been trying to package him a bit today! What have you tried? Feeling like a Dion Lewis is about his value. Going to try to package him and quincy to get Aaron Jones

If he hadnt fumbled on the goal line twice this year he would be worth something. Cost me two weeks sadface.

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As a Collins owner, I would hope to get better than Lewis in a trade. I’m holding right now and still like his upside. @Nmahlman referenced the fumbles. I’m worried about that justifying a bigger role for Allen

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Collins still has upside. Think anyone would go for something like Corey Davis + Aaron Jones in exchange for him?

Im trying to sell the current value - looking at Kenyan Drake or maybe a WR2 who hasnt performed, maybe even fitzgerald

Agreed and he is currently my flex spot but you have to hope that he can do a 30 yard run TD at some point like end of last season

I would take this trade in a heart beat in my opinion

Maybe I’m too high on him, but I’d hope you could get more than those players in return. I like trying to buy low, but I’m not trying to get Drake this week. Miami runs few plays on offense and the coaching staff continues to give Gore a big workload.

Personally, I like both Baldwin and Agholor better than Fitz right now.

I think hoping for a 30 yard TD run kinda shows how we should feel about him. I own him in two leagues and the market is pretty cool on him.

Yea, that’s what I’d expect and why I’m holding. Still, he’s scored TD’s in 3 weeks so far. That should have some value.

I’m not losing games because of him. He’s just been underwhelming.