The Zero RB Approach - What You Think?

Full PPR. Dynasty. 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 Flex.

Current Starting Line-Up

QB: Pat Mahomes
RB: Austin Ekeler
RB: Tarik Cohen
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster
TE: Evan Engram
WR: Stefon Diggs
WR: T.Y. Hilton

WR: Mike Williams
WR: Tyler Boyd
WR: Christian Kirk
WR: Marvin Jones Jr.
WR: Albert Wilson
RB: Latavius Murray
RB: Kapri Bibbs
TE: Geoff Swaim
TE: Austin Hooper
QB: Blake Bortles

Now, my question to you fellas… do I hold? Or do I make a move for a stud RB? Trade mid-tier WRs for an RB2?

Give me examples. Who should I go and look for as a trade target and who would you offer, given my roster?

All the guys in my league with stud RBs have astronomical prices. Kamara owner wants Hill and Diggs. Barkley owner is also the Kamara owner and won’t trade Barkley. Gordon owner won’t trade. Gurley owner won’t trade and he’s also the McCaffery owner. Mixon owner wants the world. I don’t know what to do or think my fellow footballers. Any and all insight would be helpful.

I was a heavy proponent of the zero-RB draft approach this off season. I had different late round targets then you so luckily my stuff is working out right about now.

I think for you though, you definitely need to make some moves for RBs. Your WRs are so stacked though its pretty insane. Not sure how you got all those guys. Was this an 8 man league?

I would say avoid targeting those top stud guys. They are going to charge you the max cause they are all locked in studs and and they know you don’t have an RB. Are you contending this year? If so I would go for much cheaper options. Guys like Aaron Jones, Michel, kerryon would be my top targets if I were you.

Cheaper rental guys could be someone like Lynch or Carson.

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I’m 4-1 right now. 12 man. Those are some good names actually. Any others you think I should go for?

Buck Allen would be a solid target, Maybe Kenneth Dixon,D’Onta Foreman if you have a spot for a flyer. I like the names listed above.

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Don’t a Foreman owner wants Hilton. 1 for 1.

See what I have to deal with?

For further reference… the James White owner also owns Lynch and Yeldon. He wants Hill or Diggs for one of the three.

And also, the original team I drafted was:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Dalvin Cook, Kenyan
WR: Michael Thomas, JuJu, Demaryius Thomas
TE: Engram
FLEX: Crowder, Kerryon Johnson

Bench guys like Chris Godwin, Edelman, Cohen and Enunwa…

Overall my team got more talented.

Just woke up this morning. This was a good laugh. I wouldn’t really bother wasting resources on foreman. Achilles injuries are notoriously challenging for RBs to ever come back from. Even if he does come back, he has to win the job. And even if he “wins” the job, it will still be an RBBC behind the leagues worst Oline that is pass first on the goal line.

Sounds like you’re in a league with a bunch of idiots. Worst case scenario, just stick it out man and draft RBs next year. I have a couple leagues were the first RB I took was in like 8th round round or later. And people keep trying to fleece me like I’m desperate or something. Totally fine with just waiting and draft rookies next year. It’s dynasty after all, don’t have to overpay for stuff.


Well Mike seems to know it all. I’d rather roster Forman if he was on the wire, turn water into wine and package him to an unsuspecting owner of the history of Achilles injuries. 75% come back from the injury just fine DT and Crabtree only Foster is the only Rb I can think of. The point of picking of Foreman, if hes free of course is to flip him. Some people are short sighted and that’s fine but a little slight of hand can pay off if your clever.

Flipping it is def a viable play. Stash him, wait for them to potentially announce winning the job, then trade him to someone who believes in him. Achilles for WR is much diff than achilles for RB cause they rely so heavily on cutting + speed/burst in short areas.

“Post-injury success remains elusive for one position, however. Our research concludes that no running back ever has recaptured sustained pre-injury form after rupturing an Achilles tendon.” - Quote from the NFL after some research they did on the topic

lol. good simultaneous backhanded insult + self promotion. Enjoyed that one. All I said is I wouldn’t waste too many resources on him personally. There’s other guys I’d rather carry on the roster with higher likelihood of doing something who I can flip much faster (i.e. ROJO). There’s more than one strategy after all so if you prefer to take the higher risk approach, nothing wrong with that.

Hey mike someone has to keep you in check!

How about my D streams I picked … boys Bill’s titans went poop

Yeah Bills one was great. I didn’t see that one coming. But then again, feels like streaming any D vs HOU is pretty good. Gives up 3-4 sacks a game at least.

Streaming against browns seems good too. Also giving up like 3-4 sacks a game.

I had Dallas as one of my streamers as well. That’s looking pretty good. Jax without 2 of their starting Oline is really showing.

Well the Bill’s would have been better if they didnt muff that punt. But hey you know Bortles only plays in the 4th quarter. So he will magically get his some how per history lol

Browns screwed me in a league. I thought the pass rush would be more effective

I took the +3.5 dallas line. Seemed like a no brainer. Hopefully cash that in unless Dallas throws this game. Really need it to. Was a bloodbath for me this week. Especially with that 57 yard FG kick in the falcons game. Bad coaching decision but lucky outcome…

Players that have killed my week: Howard, OBJ, Landry, Henry (last minute Dalvin couldnt play), Yeldon, Nelson, Jared Cook.

On the other hand, im winning in ONLY 1 league this week and it’s kinda hard not to when I have:

Winston, Barkley, Gordon, Conner.

I’m assuming you meant Jordan Howard. OJ Howard killed it.

And yeah I didn’t see the browns struggles coming this week tbh. After putting up 345 against the leagues best D last week, somehow struggled vs a crappy defense in the chargers.

This season is making me question my sanity and anything i thought I knew about the NFL.

Mike get ready for the pivot. Its week 6. The whole league will look different so throw away your pre season rankings. Defense has game plans. Now let’s see how you pivot… I’ll hold your hand baby lol but I’m leaning on you to do some research as well.

Lets see what your made of going forward. (Also challenge me)