Theilan for bell

I’m 5-0 he is 1-4 I get belll he gets theilan I also have Keenan allen Marvin jones jr. And Ridley on the bench wheat do y’all think?

Personally I don’t like it. Thielen so far has been a workhorse and until Minnesota’s offensive line improves and they find a run game he’s going to continue to rack in the catches and yards. And who knows what kind of touches Bell is going to get when he gets back? Pittsburgh might want to look more towards their future and give Conner more snaps? Personally I’d go with the sure thing in Thielen. Just my opinion

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Agreed too many vairables with the Bell situation still to give up a stud WR1 for him. I’d still take the risk on Bell if you are 5-0 but it’s getting him cheaper or not at all. All the talk of trading him, splitting time with Conner etc has kept his value down enough to still get a deal done that doesn’t involve you giving up a stud.

He’s 1-4 and needs to win now, Bell wont help him for another 3 weeks at least. Lose 2 of those and your season is basically done. Use the leverage and hard ball an offer that suits you or stay as you are, you’re 5-0 your team is obviously fine and you shouldn’t overpay for a risk you don’t need. What else do you have that you could offer? Any sell high guys of your own?

I’ve tried to offer up Calvin Ridley Keenan allen alex collins ,Marshawn lynch. He wont budge I have Kamara but dont want to offer him up.

No way, the guy is 1-4 you have no need to take the risk on. I’d go back with an offer of say Lynch and Ridley and it’s take it or leave it. If he leaves then sweat him out, you don’t need to trade he’s desperate for wins.

I’d lay it out for him like that, and let him chew on it. Chances are he’ll lose again and be 1-5 and be more desperate and most likely out of it, has to win this week and the next 3 at least and Bell won’t help him your players will. But 100% do not pay anywhere close to fair because the situation you are both in doesn’t warrant it. I’d be happy enough to walk away from this trade if he won’t take the counter offers for your lower tier but helpful now players