Theilen Help

Got him for $1 last year. Looking at the value on paper, massive. About 27 dollars of value.
I just don’t think he’s worth that much. Totally different situation this year. I think he will return to earth and I would get duped.

I have better options as keepers but the value is less. Fournette and Hunt I got for $28 and $27 so the value on those around 20 dollars give or take.

I like the frugality of Theilen but just feel it’s likely not worth it. Keep a RB and stop being an idiot.

I would easily keep Fournette or Hunt. Using the stars and scrubs strategy, you already saved a ton on a big name RB with your keeper pick, so you could use the rest of your budget going for a OBJ, Julio, Hopkins. I like the value of keeping theilen, but there are a few unknowns in that offense, and there’s a chance his production takes a significant dip this year.

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I’d definitely go Fournette out of those 3. He’s the locked and loaded lead back so it’d be bad to not take him. Hunt will stay good but might end up in a 70/30 timeshare. Thielen is over rated (i’m a vikings fan). He’s popular because he’s a MN local and he’s a solid WR, but last year was an anomaly.

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