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Theilen + Mixon for Gurley


Asking this for another poster looking to make this critical trade. Please provide input.

Here is how his lineup would then look:

Gurley, bell, howard, royce, ito and id pick up mike davis
MT, Sanders, TY


I think it’s a good trade. I don’t see it as a huge difference points wise. He can cove rlosing Thielen to get Gurley over Mixon. Since it has yet to be seen how Mixon and the Bengals can function without AJG. And it seems Thielen needs Diggs to be there so defenses can’t just key in solely on him.


I like that he has MT, so still a bona fide WR1 on roster and the pickup of Davis makes it feel better to me.


Yea me too. Without MT it’s def a no go. But I like it.


I wouldnt have even considered without MT on the roster.

Its tough but seeing the depth on his team, I dont think I would want to part with Mixon and Thielan and replace with Gurley and Sanders. However Thielan has a tough schedule ROS and a terrible playoff schedule. The ballers actually talked about Cousins being someone you should move because of the playoffs.

I think ultimately I would do it, but I also would be trying like heck to trade Bell and TY to the Conner owner and grab a playable RB and WR(someone who has a good playoff slate)