Theilen or Fournette keeper

So we have a league that allows keepers for 2 years and at the same draft position. Its a .5 PPR league, 2 wrs, 2 rbs, 1 flex, 1 TE, 6pt QB.

I currently have the choice of the following keepers:
Fournette in the 4th
Theilen in the 11th.
Luck in the 8th
Rodgers in the 3rd (qbs go early in this draft)

I’ve been heavily leaning towards Theilen, and then I mock draft rbs in the first 2 rounds.


I’d go with Thielen. That value in the 11th is unbelievable. If QBs go early in the draft, let them. Wait until the later rounds to get one and eat up the value picks those other teams are giving up by taking early QBs.

That’s been how I’ve had my best teams with mocks. I seem to always end up with melvin gordon, mckinnon, sanders and theilen as my starting 4.