Theory Question - Start WR and RB to match opponents QB?

In the title game
Standard non-PPR

Opponent has Wilson - 4 pts per TD
I have Carson and Lockett - 6 pts per TD

Carson’s a start no matter what
but do I start Lockett over Amari Cooper or Robbie Anderson because he’s getting passes from Wilson
Or does the presence of Baldwin make it all mute, so go with whom I believe will score the most points (I have no idea at the moment)

It’s never a bad idea because you can use the stack and take away points for Russ but I do think with the presence of Doug Baldwin this vastly hurts Lockett’s value

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It’s not an awful idea but i like to stack my points across as many games as possible. That way one bad game doesnt’ tank my entire fantasy game. Case in point a few years ago I had Palmer and DJ + Catanzaro (*SP). AZ whooped GB so bad they pulled Palmer and DJ in the start of the 3rd quarter. I lost by 6 points.