There is "no penalty" for keepers in my league. I'm not sure what this means

“There is no penalty for keepers.”

This is what it says in the instructions in the “Keeper Rules” from the commish. I’ve posted asking about it but a lot of people are not around or paying attention for another few weeks. Does this mean my keepers will simply take the place have the selection for the round they were drafted last year? Does it mean that all of our keepers will be removed from the pool and we will start selection normally? I’m trying to imagine how this will work on draft day, which is going to be over Labor Day weekend. Any thoughts? This is my first year in a keeper league.


I would assume it just means that the keepers are removed from the player pool and drafting occurs normally. So you don’t lose any picks at all.

Yeah your keeper is not assigned to the round he was drafted in the previous season.