There must be a 10-team SF Sleeper dynasty startup out there somewhere

What’s up ballers,

I’m looking specifically for this league format, ideally with a buy-in of $50 or less. I’m a long- time Ballers listener and a super active player!

Hit me up on Sleeper @Blorp

Looking for the same, maybe we should start our own.

Would you be down for being the commissioner?

I just responded to a bunch of posts from people looking for leagues. Heard back from someone already :+1:

What’s your Sleeper ID? I have some people interested

Hey Pickles13, I’d be interested as well. Do you have some more info on the format or anyone willing to be commish yet? My Sleeper ID is mathisonab20.

Just messaged you on Sleeper


I’m looking for this as well. Let me know if a league is forming, I’d be in. Sleeper ID is ESSO

I’m also interested, I’m VonLichtenstein on sleeper

Damn, we filled up pretty quick