They dropped WHO?

Someone in our dynasty league dropped Joe Mixon for Ty Montgomery. First of all, WTFudge and second of all, how much FAAB would you spend on him? I have $85 left. All of it?

Depends on your roster, but i think i would spend all for him. If healthy, he’s a Top10 RB

I would drop 60-70 min…I would want to keep a few bucks for lineup adjustments later but agree with mcGoldyy he is a top rb when healthy.

I wouldnt use all your FAAB, but I think $70. You need to leave some in your bank in case of injury.

I am just afraid the other players with 100 FAAB left will spend a ton and he is a massive, massive pick up in dynasty. He was picked at 1.5.

If they drop 100 you cant win the pick up any way as you only have 85…I would stick to the 70 range and if you win great if not…you have 85 to pick up other players…other guys will appear once more injuries come about.