They offered me Barkley for my Kerryon Johnson and Marquise Brown. Take it or not? HELP PLEASE

My WR are Hopkins, Evans, Marquise Brown, Brandin Cooks, and Demarcus Robinson.

On RBs I have Dalvin Cook, Kerryon, Singletary, and Penny

Should I accept the trade of Kerryon and Marquise for Barkley?
Its a 12 man ppr league

1000% yes, no doubt


I much prefer Barkley to KJ and M Brown (WR).


Thanks! Do you think the giants game will change this week though as Jones is starting?

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Might be the easiest smash accept I’ve ever seen.


the guy is 0-2. But Marquise Brown seems to be a top 10 WR

I don’t care if the guy is 0 and 10.

As great as Brown has been, thinking he will keep pace up and be a top 10 WR is a bit crazy to me.


Alright thanks!

Were the Giants good last year? Was Barkley? :slight_smile:

No sure thing of course, but Saquon was producing in spite of Eli sucking, I think the expectation is that at the least numbers should stay the same, I believe the situation for Saquon could even improve.

In your particular case you get a massive bump up for your RB starters and a slight bump down in your WR depth. Your actual starting team would look scary.

get on that son!

Your Starters after this trade (assuming 2 wrs and 2 rb and 1 flex)

WR: Hopkins, Evans
RB: Barkley, Cook
Flex: Cooks

Granted anything can happen on sundays but damn dude…this is a cheatcode for sure.

Gimme Barkley

You should smash accept right away so he doesn’t change his mind. =)

Yes, agreed. I would absolutely take that. Brown is an up and coming roOkie WR and Johnson probably won’t see the workload to validate his ADP. In addition, there may still be WR’s in your Fa that are nearly as valuable as Brown, possibly also roOkies.

Absolutely accept that deal

Huge upgrade at RB. You’re set at WR without Brown. Accept and thank him for sending you to the playoffs.

Just make sure they mean Saquon and not Matt Barkley

just curious if you finalized this trade? if you are in need of wins this deal isn’t good for you

RIP trade…