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They say you can't win/lose at the draft but boy can it hurt if you're wrong


Better Players than myself,

I’ve started 1-3 so it’s time to start scratching and clawing for the W’s. My real concern has been the lack of points, 69.6, 76.2, 59.2 (Won this week) and 73. My plan right now is to keep Green, Murray, Gore, Johnson, Engram and basically implode/stream the rest. Any buy lows I should target? or any other advice would be helpful. I’m currently working an offer to the Dalvin Cook owner to give him Ingram and Pryor for Dez, he’s hurting for depth so maybe. Notable Waiver options i’m targeting Kamara, Smallwood, D Watson for QB, Geronimo, Amendola, Brieda, Foreman, Oliver, Fuller, R Anderson, Kupp.

Current Line-up:
C. Palmer
D. Murray
M. Ingram
A.J. Green
P. Garcon
E. Engram
M. Bryant
I. Crowell
T. Pryor
F. Gore
M. Sanu
E. Decker
D. Johnson Jr.