They trying to buy Stills

I was offered Keenan Allen and Tevin coleman for Doug Martin and Stills… stills might look good now bit when Cutler and Parker both return i feel like stills will be the odd man out… i think its a good trade for me… any input?

Stills is mute in this convo, the main piece you should be focusing on is Doug Martin. I think he is still setup for a great rest of season. If you have other WR depth I wouldnt do this, or on the other end, if you have RB depth and can afford it, I would do this. Doug Martin will be a week in week out RB2 rest of season

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Im well aware he just wants martin lol… but nobody clicks on a topic titled “Doug Martin trade.”

My RBs: Hunt, Howard, Martin, TyMont, Smallwood, D.Henry
My WRs: Jordy (puke), DT… Stills… Doctson… its trash lol…

Allen is who i really want… and Martin has a few nice match ups but he has overall what looks like a rough schedule… especially in the playoffs… Allen for the most part has what should be a favorable schedule…

haha I hear ya. But ya with your team I would do this trade for sure. It makes your team more manageable at receivers and you’re set at RB so now you have flexibility at your flex. Coleman being a great felx option most weeks too

Ppr or standard? Allen hasn’t had a TD since week one. He does get plenty of yards and receptions though. Just wanted to throw that out there for ya. Also Coleman was limited in practice.

Ya its half ppr… i forgot to throw that in… if it was full ppr i woulda accepted without question honestly… and yeah i saw coleman was limited… im not going to depend on coleman this week anyway… so the fact that hes not just sitting out altogether is encouraging for the future.