They've Gone and done it.... Drafting DE

In their “infinite wisdom” our commish and a couple others in our league have decided to add the DE position to our line ups (10 Team League).

Am I correct in treating this position like the K and DST position or am i not giving this enough thought?

We’re scoring it thusly:

Tackle Solo 1, Sack 2, Interception 3, Fumble Force 2, Fumble Recovery 2
Defensive Touchdown 6, Safety 2, Pass Defended 1, Block Kick 2, Tackles for Loss .5, Extra Point Returned 2.

Quick research suggests an 8pt game average with the top 10 DE having 1 or 2 big games scoring 12pts or more. DE2 thru DE4 had 1 game big game around the 20pt mark with DE1 having 2 20pt+ games based on last year’s stats.

My commish added a D player last year and that’s how I treated it.

I think you need to treat it with a little more regard then Def & K because DE are a single player that can be researched and patterns learned…unlike a defense as a whole…and Kickers are junk to begin with…I would recommend looking middle rounds 5-8 for your DE and take time to learn sleepers could give you a big advantage at a position your league doesnt know much about…DE can have monster games.

Oh, I totally agree with doing the research (programed that way). I think that’s interesting looking at a late mid round pick.