Thielen/4.2 for Crowder/Fuller

Trade offer

14 man .5 ppr league

Guy is offering me
Thielen and 4.2 this year

For my
Crowder and Fuller

I have TY, Alshon, Robert Woods as well.


I really like Crowder this year and am somewhat interested in Fuller. However, in a 14 team league you can prob get more for Theilan. I would not make this trade.

I would take this trade in a heart beat. In a 14 team league, stars are hard to come by. Crowder and Fuller are alright if you want depth, but i’d rather have the guy who will have better production then either of them week in and week out.

I misunderstood. Thought you were holding Theilan. I would make the deal to get Theilan.

Take Theilen/4.2. Theilen has Crowder’s QB now and he does not drop as many balls.

Definitely the Theilen side

I think I would make the trade. But it is not a slam dunk for me.

The big hesitation for me is that Theilen is older. Not sure if this is dynasty or not, but that might matter. I do like Crowder and Fuller in PPR. The appealing thing is you need someone you can count on for production. TY and Alshon are good, but both are in such an up in the air position for me right now. Woods is good for you. Thielen in this mix means you ought to have two solid pieces (inc. Woods), with huge upside if Alshon gets on track and TY gets Luck back.

I am not sure you can get much with the 4.2, so that does not really help IMHO.

I try not to assume injury, but it is hard to assume Luck is healthy. Alshon not being bad but not being what I had hoped, he might not be what he once was. IF those two get back on track, adding Thielen would really give you solid WR depth. While I am not sure I love the trade (I do like Crowder and Fuller in PPR), I think this is probably in your favor with the chance to really help your season. But I would not feel I have to make the trade.

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