Thielen, Adams, Bryant, or Parker

In a conundrum, need to pick 2 for this weekend. I have a tough matchup this week so I may need to gamble on some upside.

A. Thielen @ PIT
D. Adams @ ATL
M. Bryant vs MIN
D. Parker @ LAC

I appreciate your input.

I would start Adams & Bryant

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That’s how i’m leaning. Was considering Thielen over Bryant though. Thanks for your advice.

I don’t think Thielen would be a bad play either but you mentioned that you were looking for upside and I think that’s Bryant. The matchup is not ideal but Xavier Rhodes, who is the tougher of the Vikings CBs, should be on Brown this week. I also saw a stat that Bryant has scored 11 TDs in the 12 home games he has played in during his career

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Wow, that is quite a stat. I do feel like I need some upside, but could be overthinking it. I drafted Bryant to start, and being back home is when he has the highest potential.

Thanks again.