Thielen and a 2020 2nd rd rookie for AB

Dynasty League

I was offered Adam Thielen and a 2020 2nd rd Rookie pick.

I would give up AB.

My thoughts: I get a WR1 in Thielen that is a couple years younger than AB. Both guys can have a high production year. Plus I get the advantage of having a third 2nd rd pick in the stacked 2020 rookie class.

My concerns:

Thielen is 28, will be 29 during the season. He could potentially regress as he couldn’t hold his season value near the end of last season, and even though he had a great payday, Vikings front office has had focus on wanting to run the ball more.

AB is 30, gonna be 31 during next season. He is in Oakland. He is in a new system, with a worse qb than before.

Give me your thoughts on this dynasty trade.

I have Thielen ranked back to back in my redraft rankings. Both guys have a good but not great QB, while the Vikings have a better offense, Oakland has less pass catchers. Oakland has no defense so they’ll be behind a lot and need to pass; but, Min plays in a tough division and will need to put up points too. Both guys are basically the same age and have similar production outlooks. I think it comes down to preference and I like the known vs unknown so I go Thielen side but have no issue if you or anyone would prefer AB