Thielen and Nick Chubb for Alvin Kamara?

I am trying to get Alvin on my roster. I also would offer Evans and Chubb. or CMC and Evans for Kamara and Kupp.

Should I do any of this trades?

Team is
Evans/Chubb/Ito Smith

Oj Howard

Basically I can’t start both Evans and Chubb and both are too valuable to leave on the bench.

What do you guys think?

I say keep your best players at all costs above all else. So I wouldn’t traded Thielen or CMC personally. A Chubb + Juju/Evans package for Kamara would be great probably, but not definitely. Could ultimately be best to not change anything of course. Just be sure to only do a trade that 100% will be helpful ie Evans + Chubb + Maybe Ito in exchange for AB, Kamara, Conner+Bell, Gurley, etc number 1 overall type of player. I think losing Thielen to get Kamara is a gamble when you clearly don’t have to do this with the good team you have. Try to use whatever has the worst ROS outlook for you taste before going full blockbuster. I like using Chubb here though. But if you can’t get Lamara without using Thielen, then I’d just go after a diff elite RB.

CMC and Evans for Kamara alone is too much. CMC and Kamara are pretty 1 to 1 for me personally. CMC currently leads the league in snaps for RBs. He is a true work horse and is running pretty efficiently this year as well. Was surprsied at how well panthers Oline has been run blocking.

Evans + Chubb for Kamara alone is a no brainer so if you can swing that, definitely take it.

Thielen + Chubb for Kamara is probably something I would do as well but I think from a value perspective, you’re giving up too much.

Whatsup guys. Yeah that was what I thought. I mean my issue is that every week I would have to leave Evans, or Chubb, or juju in the bench and they are too valuable for that. I was trying to see what can I package up to upgrade the team and don’t have to be benching stars.

I also think thielen + Chubb for Kamara is too much. I mean I don’t know if I should risk that move when everything has gone well.

What do you guys recommend? Which players should I target? Evans and Chubb for Hopkins, MT, Kamara?