Thielen and OBJ for AJ Brown

Half PPR i have Dalvin Cook so I’m looking to move off of thielen. I don’t love having the rb and wr from the same team and I feel like Justin Jefferson will take over targets as the year goes on.


QB: tannehill
RB: cook, ekeler, ceh, Edmonds
WR: Cooper, thielen, Corey davis, OBJ, thomas
TE: kittle

Thielen is due for TD regression and you’re selling high. I’d do it.

Perhaps. He probably is likely to score less than 2020 but I don’t think he falls much below 10 in the season.

In terms of the trade, if the owner will accept then definitely get it done. But I think they’ve got an unreasonable amount of faith in obj.

Agreed - OBJ is totally a luxury this year…can’t rely on him.

Buyer is a browns fan so I think he’s pretty optimistic on OBJ - thanks for the reply guys