Thielen & Chubb for Gurley

Got the following offer in a 10 team 1/2 PPR league:
Receive: Todd Gurley
Trade Away: Adam Thielen & Nick Chubb

My RBs are Gordon, Fournette, Cook (with Murray as Handcuff) and Chubb
My WRs are Thielen, J. Gordon, J. Brown, Fitz, Crabtree, & Sutton

Giving up Thielen would leave me thin at WR, but having Gurley, Gordon, Fournette & Cook is enticing. What say you footclan? Should I take this offer?

Would you be able to start all four?

Nah, he’s your only great WR.

I was offered chubb + hill for kamara and turned it down. Somewhat similar type of trade.

No chance, you have plenty of good options to play at RB and not nearly as many at WR.

While I like the trade, without some better WR depth I think it hurts you overall.

Get Gurley then Flip fournette or Cook for a good WR and good RB or something

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That assumes there’s a willing trade partner, it would likely need to happen quick as many leagues deadlines have already passed.

McVay likes to rest his starters during during playoff week so Gurley might not be useful i the end. Chubb will also get a lot of volume.

ALWAYS take Gurley for a deal. Trade some of your other guys.

Sorry I forgot, 2 RB and 1 Flex, so I can start 3