Thielen+Conner to receive Mixon+Keenan Allen


Need help on this trade please, standard league and have Devonta freeman and Crowell on bench

I think at this moment its thielen > Allen and Conner = Mixon
But if Bell would come back after week 7 it is Mixon >>>>> Conner

And im not sure but often heard keenan will explode sooner or later

I would do that one.

Might be subjective here, but I’ve been burned twice by Allen. People are always so high on him but he always seems to be mediocre IF healthy. Thielen is looking at 12 targets a game and, with Diggs opposite, that shouldn’t regress. I think Thielen is a tier ahead of Allen until he can actually do the exploding so many hints at.

As for Mixon, what’s to say he will remain healthy? It’s a nagging injury so that could pop up again. I also don’t know if, when, and at what capacity Bell will return. I’d you don’t think the fact that when his team NEEDED him to step up, Conner stepped up, plays a factor you’re wrong. The guy has done well in his impromptu role and I think maintains high end RB2 play even with Bell back (think Ingram and Kamara).

I don’t take this.