Thielen + Diggs on same team

Alright clan, here’s the deal. Just had my draft last night and ended up with a fairly balanced team although I’m lacking some depth across the board. League is a 12 team PPR with one keeper from previous season (forfeit pick two rounds higher than drafted yr prior). Kerryon was my keeper and gave up a 5th rounder for the privilege. Also made a deal at the end of last season which netted me an extra 3rd rounder this year. This is how my team shook out…

Flex: One of Robby Anderson, Jarvis Landry, Geronimo Allison

Bench: Darrell Henderson, Justice Hill, Ito Smith, Ronald Jones

I’ve basically got little to no depth at RB unless there’s an Ingram/Gurley injury and I’m not in love with having both Vikings receivers but I tried to go best available as much as possible. Would y’all try to swing a trade to spread that risk around or stand pat and see how things shake out?

I would message the whole league that Diggs is on the block someone will overpay and he is a boom or bust for me had him last year

Yeah…came in here to say something similar.

You could also target the coaches in your league who have a weakness at receiver and see if you can’t work out a reasonable deal.

I don’t care what Andy, Jason, and Mike call it…having two receivers from the same NFL team on your fantasy squad is not a “stack.” When one guy’s producing, the other guy isn’t; it’s not like having the QB and the receiver from the same team. THAT’s a stack.

Ihad theilen and digs last year. Both were great, until the last few weeks after new OC came in.

Overall nothing wrong with both on same team, Your ceiling will be capped tho.

I definitely get that but also considering my roster I figure that unless the Vikings O totally shits the bed then it also provides a certain level of consistency. I’m gonna explore the trade market but people in my league are pretty averse to trading so unless I can find a willing trade partner I think I might just stick with em