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Thielen for Allen


Trying to get an RB for this week. Is Thielen for Buck Allen a good trade?


How do you feel about the vikings offense?

I personally think Thielen is a good hold. But if your team is hurting and you need a win I don’t blame you for trying to get an RB.


I feel iffy about the vikings offense. i have some pretty good WR if i say so myself, and only tarik cohen and gore this week as rb’s. i would like to hold him as well, but i want to win this week. Thanks for your feedback.


I wouldn’t feel too confident with cohen after seeing him play this last monday lol. with your current RB situation I’d say Allen is a good buy. But probably not a long term one, everyone knows the ravens hate buck allen.


I think it’s a fine trade if you are in need of a RB.