Thielen for D. Murray

Trade Thielen for D. Murray? I lost Cook. Other RB’s are C. Anderson, Gurley, T.Coleman, R. Kelley and A. Jones. WR are Julio, Shephard, M. Jones jr, Watkins and Martavis.

It’s be smart to do that make that guy pick on thielen you will basically have a perfect set up if you get the trade

That would be a good trade to get Murray. I just don’t like for you’re team, and what you’re WR core looks like now. You’re WR 1 is Julio, but he hasn’t been stellar. But the only guy I trust on a weekly basis.

I was offered the trade and I feel the same way. I lost Robinson first week of the season and Thielen has been fairly steady. I am 4-2 right now and lost Aaron Rodgers at qb recently so it’s been a rough injury year. I like the idea of getting Murray but he hasn’t been great so far either.

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