Thielen for Edelman?

Hey guys!

So I have Adam Thielen, but I’m kinda worried about him this year. He totally dropped off last year and he lost me games. I’m in a dynasty league. I was offered Julian Edelman for him. My league is PPR and also the individual players get points if they score on kick/punt returns. Should I pull the trigger on this trade? My other WRs are Davante Adams and Brandin Cooks. I could counter the offer and ask for a 3rd round pick or something possibly.


I’d say no. Especially in dynasty. I think Thielen will be rock solid and Edelman will be solid too and obviously return points would be nice but you’d be giving away a guy with likely longer of his peak years remaining.

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Okay, thank you for sharing!

I’d hold onto Thielen especially in dynasty league. Thielen is still going to get at least 125 target and probably put up similar numbers to Edelman even with the kick/punt returns (which may amount to nothing).

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Alright, thank you for posting!