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Thielen for kamara and djax


My league is 3wr, 2rb, 2 flex .5ppr.

The kamara owner is apparently freaking out trying to flip him. My other wrs are Keenan Allen, Watkins, Cole, and Enunwa so losing thielen will hurt but my rbs would be kamara, zeke, and Michel. What’s everyone think should I take advantage of the tilt?


Jump on that trade. Biggest buy low I’ve seen.


That’s rough but I think I’d take it man. Kamara is gold and while Thielen is good, he’s not Kamara good.


It’s a toss up for me. Thielen is a beast. kamara is a beast. Djax is worthless.


wow. take it now please


please capitalize on this.


Thanks everyone, I thought the answer was yes but appreciate the confirmation. I accepted.