Thielen for Kerryon

10 team 0.5 ppr. Would you trade Thielen for Kerryon straight up? I have Fitz I could put in for theilen as my wr2 and my current backs are chubb, Freeman, breida, miles sanders, and James white. Wrs are Adams, Fitz, d. Robinson, Curtis samual, desean jackson

FantasyPros trade chart has them just about even with Thielen slightly higher but trending down with Kerryon trending up. Fitz’s rapport with Murray so far would seem to indicate you could use him as your WR2 and Detroit cutting Anderson looks good for Kerryon.

But, I think the better Vikings team will mean more opportunities for Thielen and they can’t just run their way to the NFC North championship. I’d hold onto Thielen.

Would you try and package thielen to get someone like Keenan Allen?

I would, Allen will eat with Gordon out for now